Photo Gallery

There are moments of total happiness in my life that will for ever accompany me and there are others that I would like to erase forever.  Given the autobiographical nature of my book, I have decided to share some photographs that in times of darkness reminded me of the healing power that the love of family has and the firm will that allowed me to conquer personal and professional goals that have made me the woman I am.

But this image gallery would not be complete if it did not include the photographs that unquestionably demonstrate the physical violence of which I was a victim for so many years. It was not easy to make the decision to publicly expose those scenes that when I see them today still hurt me, that still hurt my children and my closest affections, those who could only understand the magnitude of the cruelty that I experienced when they stared in astonishment at the visual record  of what had happened.

In this way, I leave these 58 images that make up the lights and shadows of my story available to readers, which I hope will motivate other victims of domestic violence to rebel against physical and psychological abuse before it is too late.

My Life

The Violence